His look in ep. 10… I can’t even… I was shaken by it. (And if you watched it, you know I’m not talking about sex or romance.)  

Man, Jo In Sung is so good.


so… you guys know i really love cnblue but this new japanese album..is not good to be honest, i mean, go on your way is catchy and all but the album don’t give me the feeling i want to listen those songs over and over again :/


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Ep. 20 (Finale)

Why are her parents so happy to see Huan Huan’s mother all of a sudden? Did I miss something?

And I’m getting this “poor people are happy, rich people are unhappy” vibe.

So, now Madam Li is getting remorseful… Ugh, c’mon…

This is getting ridiculous. Killing such a good drama…

I didn’t even watch the rest of it: skimmed over it… I can’t believe they did this to a drama that (for 11 episodes!) had a very good potential. I’m disappointed… The cast did well, but the material… It feels like they had to wrap it up as fast as possible. Too bad they threw this story under the bus.

PS.: what I like is that most of the characters got a significant other. I really do like that.

Does anyone know where I can find (download, buy) the (piano) sheet music for “Nayami no Mori…”? Does it exist? :)

So far, the only thing that makes me happy while watching “The Three Musketeers” is the fact that Yonghwa does some comedy. Sorta.

Other than that, I’m not crazy about the series. Last night, when I got to the end of the first episode, I really wanted to tell the Crown Prince to get lost. Not a fan of his character.

The special effects (arrows that fly slowly) get on my nerves almost as much as the close-ups in “The Heirs”…

And the Crown Prince annoys me, too.

favoritesdramas: faith. 

 ❝So once we cure the poisoning even without you returning to heaven, I’ll ask you…Can you stay? I know you have people waiting for you up in heaven, but I will still ask anyway. I will protect you for the rest of my life, so will you stay with me?

The best.

So.., I’m not sure how to react to “Control” and “Monster”. I definitely like the music in “Monster”. Very much so. The text, even though it doesn’t quite impress me, is good. Interesting. Better than some other stuff. (I do think, though, that they need to ask people to check their English verses.)

With “Control”… The melody is nice, but overall… Don’t have the desire to add this song to my collection.

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Jimmy explains the meaning behind President Obama’s facial expressions!

:D :D :D the last one is spot on

The last one is LOOOOL :))

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Oh, absolutely. A great cast, a great story, very good writing, and so on. And it’s always developing, moving forward.

So far, there have been so many scenes that made me go, “Gosh, I love this.”

Can we just talk about how amazing “It’s Ok, That’s Love” is? In every way. Finishing all 8 episodes in 1.5 days? Yes, I did! And I’m not even sorry ^^

Kimchi-pork pancakes ^^ Heck yeah!
(And yes, they weren’t supposed to be round.)

Kimchi-pork pancakes ^^ Heck yeah!

(And yes, they weren’t supposed to be round.)

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If someone has the piano sheet for “366 Days” (by HY) from the “Akai Ito” (The Red Thread), could you, please, share it with me?

2nd anniversary 8.13.2014

First off, this is freaking gorgeous. Period.

Second, I’m happy I’m not the only one who celebrates the “Faith” Day.

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