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Ep. 14

I really like how they look at each other, especially with that music playing in the background. And Aaron is pretty good at larger-than-words stares.

Mother Li is a witch. The nasty kind. Not the in-your-face kind.

I love the way he speaks.

It takes Le Si forever to utter a sentence… Ugh…

Uncle Fu and Tian Xing = one of the best bromances out there!


Please let me be. If I don’t write this, I think my heart will explode. To many fellings. (Spoiler Allert)

Mirae’s Choice
I recommend. It’s a nice drama! Made me go crazy and messed with my feelings. Of course the drama have some holes, but I almost didn’t think about them. I was just too…

Yesssss. *high five* (Talking about the ending here ^^)

I like how they look in the new video, judging by that teaser, but I don’t like the melody… Not yet anyway.


kisss ❤

CNBLUE proudly presents. Yonghwa in his Yonghwa-ness :)))


Don’t stop (making gifs).

Yep ^^


Don’t stop (making gifs).

Yep ^^

It’s been a while since I liked a photo of LMH. Definitely like this one. *thumbs up*

It’s been a while since I liked a photo of LMH. Definitely like this one. *thumbs up*

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I stand at the counter waiting for my coffee. The baristas know me by name now. They make my drink without me even asking. Part of me feels embarrassed I’m so predictable. Part of me feels relieved to be developing a habit. When I think back to my sense of home and all we left in London, a…


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Credit : Luckmavis



I’ve Seen Hell, Composed by Martin Phipps

"I’ve seen hell. And it’s white. It’s snow-white."

And then they show Mr. Thornton walking through the flying specs of cotton *swoon* :}

Oh, yeah :} “The Devil” :))

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Anonymous said: Hi, I am just a random stranger. I wanted to answer your question to why hayao miyazaki said he would never let a woman direct a Ghibli movie. To be fair he never really answered that, He did mention he misses the days when the studios were full of men working now he only sees women signing up in animation and that bothers him. Miyazaki is a great director but he isn't very progressive. He hates tablets/dvd/computers too.

Thank you for your message! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply.

The reason I was surprised by Miyazaki’s attitude towards a potential female director is ‘cause all of this movies have a strong female lead. So, I thought he’d be for the idea of a woman directing a Ghibli movie. And he’s not… It’s a dissonance for me :)



Love this picture!



Love this picture!

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im rewatching faith/the great doctor again

b/c its fucking amazing like i so recommend it

and im not a big fan of historical dramas but damn

this one is fucking amazingggg

one of lee min ho’s best work imo

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"It’s a Korean historical-medical-fantasy-romantic drama about a doctor who gets kidnapped to the 14th century by a Goryeo warrior and they all think she’s from Heaven even though she’s actually just from the 21st century. Also there are some people with supernatural powers but the doctor is the only one who acknowledges how crazy that is. Oh and she ends up falling in love with the warrior who kidnapped her. It’s wild. Please watch it."

trying to describe The Great Doctor to people (via watchingtheinkflow)

Absolutely loved one of your tags: “it’s an EXPERIENCE”. Couldn’t have said it better. Superb!

Ep. 14

Oh, c’mon! He didn’t change because of OZ! He’s always been like that. Why do they have to go down that road?..

And she has that solemn expression on her face all the time now! Frankly, all she needs to do is to reach out, and he’s there. As simple as that. She knows how he is. She’s seen all of it.

I feel for you, Tian Xing. First, the ungrateful people at OZ and her family. Next, Huan Huan who’s betraying your trust and your good attitude towards her.

"We’ve finally accomplished something great for OZ" - Yeah, and thank God, Tian Xing walked into your life not only helping out, but also kicking your butts so that you would have higher standards when it comes to your own work.

STOP YELLING AT HIM, FFS! LET HIM READ IT FIRST! He’s done so much for you.

Yes, finally! She’s finally saying some good words of gratitude. Yes. Well, that escalated quickly: she’s now hugging him, too?.. Okay… :)) Took you long enough to understand him! Better late than never, I guess… Once she saw the light, he stopped living up to her bad expectations of him.

I really liked Aaron’s acting during the necklace/bangle scene.

As to the major issue, poor guy… Wow…